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May 14, 2016
Official Rules / FAQ


• Give respect to get respect​
• Follow the rules and avoid causing conflicts​
• Speak English on Forum and Game Servers​
• Abusive language and bad behaviour are NOT tolerated​



• Respect admins and other members ([TsG] community)​
• Multi-accounting: Creating multiple accounts is usually forbidden and can result in a permanent ban, especially if you try to trick us! If you forgot your login credentials and can't access your account or want your profile to be edited, contact a Co-Leader or higher on our Discord Server.​
• Try to post decent and relevant material. Spam posts are forbidden.​
• Non-approved advertising is forbidden. But you can share your own creations and projects (e.g. artworks, videos etc.) in the Creativity Corner.​
• Don't bump old (dead) threads, unless it's necessary.​


2.2.1. Banned:
You got banned?​
• 1st: Read our rules​
• Post an Unban Request HERE
• Make sure to fill out the given form and povide what's required​

2.2.2. Report Hackers / Cheaters:
• Any player can report a hacker / cheater by using !report on servers​
• Try to contact an online admin on our Discord server or in the forum shoutbox​
• Create a Ban Request HERE
• Fill out the given form and provide sufficient proof (video / demo)​

3.1. Requirements to join [TsG]:​
• Activity on our Game Servers, Forum and Discord - It is expected that you play on our servers often and keep yourself updated about what is going on at Forums & Discord.​
• Sign up with your real age and ingame name on forum profile​
• Joining our Discord Server is mandatory​
• You are required to keep 'Theater Recording' enabled in the game options.​
• Ability to assume responsability and being reliable towards the clan and community​
• A certain mental maturity is required​
3.2 Recommendations:​
• Begin to make a presence on the forums​
• Play with other members in the servers and join us on Discord
• Post a Join Request application HERE by filling out the given form​
• Post an Introduction of yourself HERE
• Report Cheaters / Hackers HERE
3.3 Informations:​
• No game skill level is required​
• You will not be required to donate, but it is highly encouraged and appreciated​


• Stay active and communicative on Forum and on our Discord Server.​
• Stay active on our Game Servers​
• Wear the [kS] tag ingame​
• Be respectful towards players, forum visitors and other members.​
• In case of an absence create a temporary leave notice HERE.​
• If an admin / member stays inactive for more than one month without leaving a temp leave notice, it may lead to a rank demotion or kick.​
• Keep 'Theater Recording' enabled in order take evidence of hackers and to justify your actions​
• It's required to take evidence when you tempban or permban players​
• You should backup your demos, showing hackers, to justify your punishment in case of an Unban Request by the suspected player​
• Report cheaters / hackers, unless you have permban permissions​
• Reply on Join Requests​
• Feel free to share your opinion on Ban / Unban Requests​
• Multi-Clanning is not allowed​
• Use your permissions and privileges, on game servers, forum and discord, with respect and responsibility!​
• The abuse of admin privileges is strictly forbidden and will be punished!​


• Cheating / Hacking is not allowed​
• Don't spam​
• Don't advertise​
• Don't recruit​
• Respect players, especially admins​
• Follow admin instructions​
• Any kind of exploits (e.g. macros), glitches or jumping out of bounds is allowed as long as you are having fun​
5.2.1. TeknoMW3:​
a) HC & SC​
• Grenade Launchers (G.L.) are NOT allowed​
• Rocket Launchers (R.L.) are NOT allowed to be used on players​
• Camping is NOT allowed​
• Always join using auto-sign to balance the teams. Do NOT change to the winning team.​
b) Infected​
• Do NOT block other players​
• No Camping after MOAB​
• Lunge is NOT allowed​
• Do NOT ragequit when getting infected (try at least 10 times before leaving)​
5.3. Call of Duty 4 (MW1):​
• Grenade Launchers are not allowed.​
• Glitching - No glitching / out of map in softcore or hardcore, doing so will result in a kick from servers.​
• No scrolling fire, scripting or other fast shooting methods. Doing so will result in a kick and if necessary a ban.​
• Always use auto-assign to balance the teams. Do NOT change to the winning team.​
• Spawn Camping is NOT allowed​


• Disobeying any of these rules (on servers and forum) will lead to penalties​
• Order of (most) penalties in-game: Warning -> Kick -> Temporary Ban -> Permanent Ban​
• Cheating / Hacking on any of the servers will lead to an immediate Permanent Ban!​
• Higher admins have the right to take moderation actions on the forum, like close, move, deny, or even delete threads and posts which are:​
• Violating any of our rules​
• Insulting members or visitors in any kind of way or form​
• Spamming posts / threads​
• Advertising from untrusted websites​
• Posted or threaded on the wrong section​

• The Leadership may consider to take moderation actions against forum users due to other valid reasons which aren't mentioned in the rules.​


Founders and Leaders of The Syndicate Gamers
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