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We from TsG wanna wish everybody

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Because we wanna do something special for a change i setup a temporary server in the game:

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory with a xmas theme!

you can download the game for free ~> here <~ for free!

And the mod for the game here

If the intrest is big enough we might keep this server for a longer duration of time, and extend to other games aswell with some more options. since this is a fresh server i dont expect other players to be on there unless we let them know. Ofcourse we do encourage everybody to play on other servers too if they dont wanna play on a certain game!

For more info you can always ask me for info! :)

Thought it would be a fun little change for now.

If this gameday gets us gaming together again we will continue this in the upcoming years and holidays and events!

Have some nice days you all!

Kisses and love,
Dave <3