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May 14, 2016

Welcome to TsG! You are now allowed to wear the [kS] tag on our MW1, MW2, MW3, BO2 & BO1 servers.

Your name mentioned in this application is the one that you should use on kS servers and all TsG platforms. If you want to use another name other than the one you have been accepted with, then you'll need Staff (Leadership) approval (
use this to request name changing).

Make sure you read the >RULES< Especially pay attention to the "Member / Admin rules".
And also, make sure you read the section "Admins Guides" :
>Adminship and Commands<
>Guideline for Kick and Ban<
>B3 Commands for Noobs<
>Sign up on Discord< (Make sure to sign up on Discord so that you can keep in touch with us whenever if at any case the site goes down)

Stay active/communicative on the forum and discord! If you're a COD admin make sure you also remain active on the servers by going on reports, making ban requests, and taking part in discussions regarding cod-related stuff. If you have any question regarding cod rankas, permission or anything related to cod please use the #call-of-duty-admins channel on discord :) Make sure you read the pinned posts of the #call-of-duty-admins channel as it contains a lot of information.

Please contact a Leader or Higher to set your permissions on the game servers.

Feel free to ask any of us if you have any doubts whatsoever ;)

Congratulations, enjoy your stay with us!