[Official TsG] Promotions & Inactive Members - 12.05.2020


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May 14, 2016
Hello folks, we hope you are doing well! We are back with some important announcements..

As always, we need to have an eye on the activity of our members to ensure that the community is running well with the right, active people in positions and to keep a fair balance between the rank line-up and efforts members put into this community. Unfortunately, we have to announce that some people didn’t fulfill the expectations and requirements in terms of activity and communication during the last weeks and months and therefore have to deal with the consequences.

Due to the high extent of inactivity and after warnings these members will be excluded from the internal membership:

- @ElCheato
- @NeoN'
- @Flux84
- @Mr.BullDog
- @JakeX
- @Necrometal
- @Lazor

Furthermore, these members will be demoted for not being as active as expected and the lack of communication towards the community:

- @Maulix
- iroNMAN77
- @Necroblood
- @Volt

Another last warning will be given towards these members to give them a chance to improve their activity:

- @blowfish
- @R.i.P
- @Erkende
- @Aleksandar
- @Be[N]aB
- @Dreqzh

It‘s sad to see that so many inactive members had to be mentioned, but to keep this community up, to maintain our game servers and to achieve what we want to achieve, we need active and communicative members who show dedication to this community and help out with their efforts.
And there we get to the point where we want to thank all the active members for their activity and putting efforts into this community. As I said, we need active members and those should be in the right places, so we are proud to announce the promotion of the following members...

Promoted to Co-Leader:

- @TheOnlyObelix

For his continuous and outstanding activity and performance, putting a lot of efforts and contributions into our community and always being a helpful member to visitors, lower ranked admins as well as higher admins and the Leadership. It’s more than time to give him a reward for his great work. We are looking forward for a good cooperation with him in the Leadership and trust him to be good addition to our team.

Master Admin to Commander:

- @Maverick

For being an active and communicative member on the forum, discord and on our game servers, submitting many ban requests to help keeping our game servers clean and giving suggestions to improve the game feeling.

Admin to Master Admin:

- @ShahGx

For proving himself worth of being ready for the next rank due to his activity on our game servers and being here with us on the forum and discord. We believe that your capacities aren’t exhausted yet and we hope for even more potential, keep it up!

- - -

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted, keep up the good work!

For the people who got demoted and warned due to lack of activity: Regard this as a chance and heads-up to improve your activity rather than as a negative expression from us. We would like to have you back as active members!

For the people who got kicked: Feel free to re-apply when ever you are planning to stay active.

Also a big thanks to all the other members who weren’t mentioned in the promotions for being here with us!
We are keeping our eyes open and notice your activity and efforts. Keep it up everyone!

P.S. We will share some information on future plans in the coming days. ;)

Kind regards

Founders & Leaders


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Jan 19, 2017
gratz all mates, well done

sad for the inactive ppl , hope they come back
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May 14, 2016
Hi all, congratulation guys for your promotion

@neRo!, about Necrometal, as he couldn't join the forum because he broke his laptop and didn't remember his pwd, i already made a post about his perm leave. and about me, i know i'm inactive for long time, sad to see i got demoted but i deserve it as well and i assume it. but i know how we work so i never considered my demotion as a punishment :) i'm gonna try to be more active next time.


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May 15, 2016
Hey guys congrats all for the promotions, i m sorry for being inactive, I ll try to be more active,keep safe :D