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PaiiN EU

Personal Info

In-Game Name: DarkPyerx777

Your Age: 16

Country: Italy

Previous Clans: None

[TsG] Info

Which division are you wanting to be your primary division? Kombat Syndicate

Which of our games do you actively play? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

On which of our MW3 Game Servers do you actively play? [kS] HC DOME, [kS] HC LOCKDOWN, [kS] SC LOCKDOWN

Why are you interested in joining [TsG]? I like this clan, is an active clan on the forum on discord and in game, servers are clean without hackers and members make cws vs other clans, members are very good :)

What skills and attributes can you add to our community? I can kick hackers, i stay active on forum servers and discord, and join cws and help players on the servers. :)

Other Contact Info (Optional)

Steam Username:

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