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One Shot Man

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Aug 9, 2016
Personal Info

In-Game Name: Salim~AN

Your Age: 17

Country: Morroco

Previous Clans: EgC(EgC isnipe)

[TsG] Info

Which division are you wanting to be your primary division? Kombat Syndicate

Which of our games do you actively play? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

On which of our MW3 Game Servers do you actively play? [kS] HC DOME, [kS] HC LOCKDOWN, [kS] HC TERMINAL

Why are you interested in joining [TsG]? I am so interasting to join TsG because i play a lot of video games and im so interasting to join TsG for fun and have a good timeand TsG feel like a great clan cus i know the admins on discord and i have 2 friends there and im very active on MW3 cus i like this game a lot so i hope u guys like my little app to join dat big and best clan :D

What skills and attributes can you add to our community? i know most of the players and some the admins.i will try hard and do my best to make dat clan be great and by following all rules i know 2 admins there (Kill Switch and KorsaKoff) they know all about me i mean my play but the best is kill switch
i hope u guys like this one !

Other Contact Info (Optional)

Steam Username: salim123424

Youtube: SalimGamer43
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Recruitment Team
Ban & Unban Team
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May 14, 2016
Today he told @KorsaKoff and me that he is banned. And then I found the denied unban request of him.
There is an active ban, his unban request was denied some time ago:

In a PM he sent me that demo:
Watched that demo: Looks like weird aim and behaviour of playing.

Can't progress on an application of a player who is considered as banned for hacking.

Rejected by Applicant too, but he's still asking for an Unban. I see bad chances there though.
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