New Season in LoL


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May 19, 2016
hey hey :D so right now im playing in the pre-season and its awesome,kha zix more damage,rengar can kill an adc with a jump and its sick, but, did u know something extra? or, what do u think about this season :D ?



May 14, 2016
i mostly think that the new items made supports broken and while the ageis nerf was a big one still the buff to the locket and BoC and new items like redemption and knight's vow are just way too good right now
so basically there is what is going to happen
-Tank rengar will be nerfed into oblivion
-clash of the colossus is gonna get a nerf
-Maybe some fine tuning to the jungle
but other than that i really like everything else


Oct 11, 2016
-clash of the colossus is gonna get a nerf
Yeah, right now its so overpowered its being picked by every champ with hard cc even if they dont go tanky to the point where even riven is picking it up and getting 58%+ win rate

-Maybe some fine tuning to the jungle
This one is also probably going to happen, a lot of pros have been complaining about how strong jungle is and how impactful it is now and was during season 6 compared to other seasons. Combine that with the obnoxious lvl 3 gank at 2:30 after only 2 camps and i am pretty sure they will have to do something about it.

Besides that i would like it if riot addressed the permanent autofill feature, it only happens like 10% of the time but it almost feels like its going a step backward in respect to what they wanted with the new champ select, except that it is harder to swap roles when you have a label on your head stating it. I get that its supposed to lower queue times but i dont think it should be so prevalent under diamond.