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May 14, 2016
If someone wants to change his name, he can notify us here!

(Please notice, if you change your name in Game please don't forget to notify us.
Forum and in Game name must be the Same

Also to add, please don't change or keep changing it for "FUN"'s sake. Only change it if its really necessary.
BUT sticking with one name is most appreciated

Names like: MW2Player, TeknoSlave. ' ' ' ', etc are not allowed.

Reason: (Not Obligatory)

1. From P3rf3c1ioni5t To Perfectionist
2. From Cloonie To Ahmad
3. From cosmin To CoSMiN_-_PaGeA
4. From NiGHtLion To Madware
5. From McGuire To Mac.
6. From Wolverine To WolfStine
8. From ArkaN To ArkantoS

9. From The|Hitman To D4rK_HiT#iT
8. From john To johnnyboy78
10. From #ur dady To Tip$y
11. From mazigh06 To [Dz] Maz iigh
12. From Ahmad To MicroVolt
13. From Marlon To Maxxshot
14. From [Dz] Maz iigh To [AG] Maz iigh
15. From HatemME To TheOnlyHatem
16. From [AG] Maz iigh To Màz
17. From [kS]LEONID To [kS]LEO
18. From Dreqz To Dreqzh

19. From Insanity To RS7
20. From RiasGremory To samantha
21. From Last Hope To Maulix
22. From xTheRealKaneki To Hærtnys

23. From TheOnlyHatem To U-Instinct
24. From Becky To ClintEastwood
25. From RS7 To Insanity
26. From U-Instinct To Hat'EM
27. From Ethereal aka ChroniX To Arish
28. From Margot! To Ruzz
29. From PsychoMantiZ To MoFo
30. From SprayQuaza To spray
31. From Mangojeeeh To PaiiN-iwnl
32. From Audiophetamine To DaoudBale
33. From Dreqzh To Jexoh
34. From Volt To VXLT
35. From Godfather To AlphaSeS

Updated on 01.03.2021

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May 14, 2016
All hail the namechanges again!

Almost forgot to say!
OLD NAME: P3rf3c1ioni5t
NEW NAME: Perfectionist
Reason: Need a fresh start with a Simple name!
"simple start" ... mhh, doesn't seem to be a final decision :D
As long as you don't change the name, but only the letters, I still can identify you :p