Guide [MW3] A guide to improving your kill/death ratio

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May 14, 2016
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Hey guys,

thought I'd share some of my experiences and research on the COD MW3 scene. Some tips and facts below may seem obvious and most of us already play the game according to these, but I'm sure you'll find some new, nice information to improve your K/D ratio!


1. Don't run, but walk around corners
You never know what's around the corner (unless you got advanced UAV), so in most cases it would be best to calmly walk around the corner so you're always prepared to make a kill in case an enemy is right around the corner.
Knowing that there is already an enemy around the corner because of UAV (or hax), it's best to slowly walk around the corner while pre-aiming or even pre-firing.

2. Know your limits
Don't waste time shooting for that 17 pointstreak in the Assault Strike Package. The chance you're getting that reward is unlikely in crowded servers and you're much better off with sticking to rewards that are easier to achieve but still effective.

3. Leave enemy care packages alone
It's not worth it; chances are big you get killed before you even get to be close to opening the package. If you do decide to go after a package, first camp it (no hardcamp though!) and wait for its owner (enemy) to show up. If he does show up, kill him. If he doesn't, move on.

4. Stick to the outsides of the maps
It really reduces the number of sight lines. Furthermore, it also allows you to attack your enemies from the flanks. The disadvantage of playing in the center of the map is obviously that you can be hit from each side possible.

5. Be creative with finding cover
In previous cod-series, there were lots of cover spots. However, in MW3 is has quite reduced and therefore you should be able to know which hiding spots are good and which are not. Get to know your maps and get to know which cover spots provide cover from which sides.
Also, in case you're covering for a reload, make sure to duck/prone.

6. Hover your finger over the 'knife'-button while reloading
If you decide to reload your gun, make sure you've got a finger on the 'knife'-button just in case an enemy pops up in front of you and you cannot simply get to cover as he's too close.

7. Fire and aim
You should master firing into aiming. Many new players first aim and then fire. It's way more effective to fire and aim at the same time.
So before you start aiming down sight, make sure you've already released the first bullets.
Being able to taking aim fast is crucial is online FPS games.

8. Balanced load out
If you're using a semi-auto weapon as a primary, make sure to have a full-auto weapon as your secondary. Having a balanced load out gives you the advantage of having multiple weapon-types for each different situation that comes in your way.

9. Leveling up fast
Key to great weapons, attachments and perks is to gain a high rank. You could of course just use an unlocker to get the rank you desire, but I personally enjoy ranking myself up from 1 to 80.
The gamemode 'Kill confirmed' in combination with the Specialist Strike Package and Hardline Pro almost guarantees you of a lot of experience points. After 6 consecutive kills (or 5 with Hardline Pro), you're gonna be getting some bonus points for every kill thereafter. Confirming and denying kills gets you points as well.

10. Minimize lines of sight
Memorize regular spawnpoints on each maps, know the spots where snipers hide and use outer lines of the map. Do everything to stay out of the lines of sight to avoid the bullets spraying around your head.

11. Do not rely too much on your minimap
Many players these days use the Assassin Pro perk, meaning they won't show up on the minimap. Focus therefore on what you see around you. Practise and development your eyes so they will see every slight movement in the map that could be an enemy.
Also, many players just run around the map looking one way (forward); you can do better than that.

12. Adjust your game settings
Play with sensitivity setting. Keep adjusting it gradually after every 10 minutes of playing and see which setting fits you and your mouse best. There's no perfect value, because some people prefer other settings than others.

13. Extreme measures
I'm not using this myself, but I'm pretty sure it helps a lot: drawing a tiny dot in the middle of your screen. It acts as your crosshair when you're playing hardcore mode and you're not aiming down sight. This means less spraying and more accurate kills.

14. Use your brain
Don't be predictable so vary your routes from point A to point B. Control your opponent's attention by using explosives or grenades to divert them to another part of the map. Use your eyes and ears to estimate their locations and foil their plans (a cheap headset already improves your know-how of the enemy's location a lot).
This also means to get to know the different sounds (what is the sound for wood, for stone, for metal, for grass, for snow, etc.) so when you do hear one of those sounds you can estimate their position.

15. Be ready for more
Enemies often come in pairs (especially in SnD mode). So be careful when you've shot down one and don't just immediately reload your gun, because his team mate might show up as well.
So be ready to fire again until you are certain you have found yourself a good cover to reload your gun.
Never reload your gun in open battlefield!

16. Rename your 'miles' folder in the game directory
The miles folder in your game directory contains all sounds that are pretty much useless in the game. It contains sounds like melodies, songs, victory-chants and other useless sounds that only distract you.
By simply renaming this folder to 'miles123' these sounds do not show up anymore and you can fully focus on what sounds are important (e.g. estimating your enemy's location).


Of course, some points are logical and most players already use some points above. However, when I'm playing I continuously see people who simply haven't optimized their skills. Mark the above points and try practicing with them!

Best regards,
~ McGuire
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