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Dead Silence

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Jan 4, 2020
Hi;),my name is Rohail Chohan and i am from Pakistan.I am 14 years old and i am still studying.I did not knew about other games in past when i had a potato:( pc.Now a days i have a mid-spec pc on which i play multiple type of games.Mostly,i play MW3 online.Honestly i did not knew about this mod .My brother downloaded it.
First of all it was so much difficult for me to play this game but after some time i learned how to beat these hackers and campers.
I am a teenager but dont even think about that i dont know any thing about gaming.But still i am noob in MW3.
It's been 9years of gaming.I played GTA Vice Cityo_O for the first time :pand now i play GTA IV on this pc.
:eek:I wanted to become the admin of KS severs as it is my dream:oops:
KS was my first server on which i played and liked it so much.I want to join their community and let honest players play without any hacker or camper so they dont get bored and leave.:confused:
So this was my little introduction :)
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