[Official TsG] Inactive members - 2021.03.09

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Nov 30, 2016
Hello everyone!

As always, we need to have an eye on the activity of our members to ensure that the community is running well with the right, active people in positions and to keep a fair balance between the rank line-up and efforts members put into this community. Unfortunately, we have to announce that some people are still not meeting the minimum requirements and expectations in terms of activity and communication during the last weeks and months and therefore actions have to be taken.

Demoted to Commander

- @OMGItsDarky
- @Dreqzh
- @[DMC]Vinh
- @The ReVerend Gates

Demoted to Admin

- @Frosty
- @AlphaSeS
- @Chan

The last warning will be given towards these members to give them a chance to improve their activity:

- @Prototype
- @EoJz
- @Wyvern
(Rejoin discord or kick)
- @IQStorm (needs to update us about temp leave)
- @Hat'EM (needs to update us about temp leave)

Due to the high extent of inactivity and repeated warnings these members will be excluded from the internal membership:

- @Maulix
- @Gamer007
- @Insanity
- @Màz
- @Sc4reCr0w
- @Be[N]aB

- @Sidelane
- @Lani

It's always sad to see so many inactive members. To keep this community up and running we have to maintain our game servers daily as we still have quite a lot of people playing. We need to communicate regularly on discord as right now it's our main platform for communication, we need active members who are willing to show their dedication to this community and help out by putting in the effort. Activity is such a critical subject when it comes to maintaining a fun/good experience for our players.

Thank you to everyone who, daily, still interacts with us and remains active on discord or forum. We understand a lot of members may have moved on from TeknoMW3 but we would appreciate it if those could remain somewhat active. For those who weren't mentioned in this thread, see this as a warning and a reminder - we're keeping a close eye on the activity forward and we might take further actions if necessary.

If you know that you're in a situation where you can't reach the expectations of activity, create a temp leave request with an approximated return date and keep us updated about your absence.

If we see no change in activity from any of these people who were demoted/warned within a month from now on, we will take action accordingly.

Kind regards

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