I'm Backkkkk


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Aug 15, 2020
Hi people who have no idea what I'm talking about or who I am.

That's...a long story..

But to make it short Just make KorsaKoff tell you about it as he has a brain and I don't.

But a little bit about me

I'm hwzer also known as Jack. or Jackstr or some other randomly cringe thing a 14 year-old comes up with.
My age is not to be known like allot of my socials but if you really wanted to find them you could just look for hwzer heh

After I left kS i moved into esports. I mainly did digital marketing.

I started in epsilon-esports and moved my way though agency's doing one off's with orgs such as SK-Gaming, Reason Gaming, Fnatic and MeetYourMakers (before the drama shut them down) I ended my esports time in an agency called Stark-esports. (I Had to end it as it wasn't paying the bills and taking too much time) but the agency i left has now become huge in terms of clientele and support. One day I will go back to it but that time isn't just yet.

I also made some pretty awesome friends like Devilwalk a csgo champ from dreamhack 2013 and also the cod4 legend himself phantasyftw

I made friends within the music scene that I love and KorsaKoff Hates (hardstyle) Atmozfears is someone who I now consider a close friend :) never saw that one coming heh and Sephyx who was a little sh*t when he was younger when we used to play mw2 together. and now he's made a name for himself. really shows you the world is smaller then we think :) i think this isn't much about myself but if you wanna know anything at all just ping me on the discord server or here either one works :)


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May 14, 2016
Jack I know. I hope you same guy, I think you are.


Heil Hansa
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Apr 28, 2017
Holy jesus that is one kind of an introduction, welcome back ! :)