Guide [HOW TO] take Demo and Screnshot (CoDMW3)

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May 14, 2016
Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to take the demos and screenshots of your previous games of CoD TeknoMW3.

If you get Banned and you're filling out >THIS FORM< for un Unban Request, it's required that you share your evidences.
  • By uploading your demo of your last game played on our servers.
  • By uploading the current message when you try to join our servers.

Take Demo

  • Enable MW3 recorder
To take demos from MW3 you need to to have enable your Theater Recording
Click Opitions

Click until is Enable

  • How to share a demo on Pluto IW5:

  • How to share a demo on TeknoMW3:
You can watch the video for Pluto IW5 which is linked above, but instead of going into "MW3/plutoiw5/demo" go into "MW3/main/demo" and proceed with the tutorial, or just read this tutorial for TeknoMW3:

  • Choose demo
To watch or choose your demo
Click Vault

Click Theater

Choose demo

Each demo file is related to just one game match. It shows you data like, creator, game type, map, duration, date/time, K & D , result and team scores, as u see in pic above.
The 1st file it's the recent and the last is the oldest of demos.
To choose the demo you will be restricted to those informations.
For example: i knew i was playing on [kS] HCDOME server. After it i changed to other server and played in hardhat map, so my demo will be the last before hardaht map, which was on dome.
Remeber the couting. My demo is the 5th from the top.

  • Take demo
Now go to your CoD TeknoMW3 game folder and take your demo
Open MW3 folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Open main folder

Open demo folder

Order by Date Modification

Click on demo file

* Select file
Order on Vault = Order on demo folder
Remembering the counting. My demo is the 5th from the top

* Check the data
Date and Time:
Demo File Time = Vault Demo Time + Demo Duration

File size:
Demo with 1m -> +/- 500KB
Demo with 20m -> +/- 12000KB

* Last check
To last confirmation you can empty ur demo folder ( just leaving the demo u selected) go on vault and check if you were right.

You can also use this Demo search tool
and to help os sharing demo a video tutorial

  • Share demo
Now you need to upload that file in the web. And provide the link of the demo where you hosted it.
Serious? Ok...
Go to google and type "upload file". Open your favorite one and host your demo. Share the link with the password included (if got).
Recomended hosters , MEDIAFIRE , Google Drive.

  • Demo file name
The demo file name when edited must stay readable by the game Theater Vault.
The name of demo file is this looking.
(*) valid characters,
(space) is not valid

default: x0***_********.demo

original: x0208_5776cbcc.demo

ex: x0208_Leitrosas.demo
ex: x0208_Leitrosas_wh_id123.demo

Add Screenshot

There are several ways to take screenshots. In most of them you need to have your display mode in Windowed (No Border)
Click options

Click unitl Windowed (no boder)

I will show 2 simple ways how to use the print screen key.

1st Method:

Use - "Ptr Scr"
It will save to your background memory. Use Paint application of windows and paste ( "Ctrl + V")
Cut it and edit. Save as and locate the file where ever you want and share it to us

2nd Method:

Use - "Ptr Scr + Win key"
And it will save you the image to a directory (folder) of your Image library named something like "Captured Screenshots"

Upload your image and share the link.

Where to share Evidences (demo + screenshot)?

If you are banned, it's in your Unban Request App, post it >HERE<

If it was a request to share demo by an admin, post it >HERE<

[kS] LeiTRoSaS
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