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May 14, 2016
General Notes:

• Feel free to create a thread in the 'Help' section if you are facing software / hardware problems, or need help in other questions.
• You need to tell us the name which you were using on our servers if you think that your issue is related to playing on our servers. On this way we can identify you easily.
• Try to explain your problem properly so that we can understand it and try to give you as much support as possible.

You can not connect to our MW3 Servers:

• You are getting the messgage "1005 Invalid Connection"
→ Which means you are most likely banned from our servers, so rather you will have to create an Unban Request instead of posting a thread in the "Help" section. We will review your Unban Request as soon as possible.

• You are getting the message "1004 Invalid Connection"
→ Most likely you get this message when the server which you are trying to join is full. Just keep updating the server list until you see that there is a free slot on the server, then join it.

• You are getting the message "Unable to connect to host"
→ Your client (game) doesn't seem to be able to create a connection to our Servers at all. Certainly, the problem is on your end which could have several reasons. Try to use Google or the search function on our Forum, browse the 'Help' section. Else create a thread in the 'Help' section and we will try to help you out.

Servers not visible for you:

• You can not see our MW3 Servers in the Server List nor in the Favorite List although you know that they are online and visible for other people
→ Download the Favorites.dat file HERE and put it into the "dw" folder which you find in your game directory. Placing that file into the "dw" folder should make it possible to see our servers in your Favorite Server List.
Otherwise you could try to fix the issue by deleting the content of your "dw" folder and starting your game. This will result in losing your game stats, server favorites/history, so you should make a backup of the folder before.

You do not have admin permissions on servers:

• You are a clan member and don't have or lost your permissions on our servers
→ Don't create a thread here. The best way is to contact a Leader of Founder on Discord and ask him to set your permissions on the servers.

If this thread couldn't help you in solving your problem, feel free to create a thread and we will give our best to help you.

If you think that any other common questions should be added here, notify me :)
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