Battlefield 1 Open Beta


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May 14, 2016
Hi :D

The official Open Beta for Battlefield 1 is now avaiable for PC, Xbox One and PS4!
In the Beta you can play 2 Gamemodes but only one map, sadly.
I also streamed it, you can watch the video here:

I played for 3 Hours now and ill give a little review on the Beta:

-The Atmosphere is amazing, especially when its raining or a sandstorm is raging over the map. Also, the graphics are just amazing when clouds are raising, its getting dark and the flames and gunshots are bright and colorful, in the dark atmosphere. The Soundeffects are so sick, you really get the war atmosphere the whole time. I also like that the Map can be dirty and dusty but colorful at the same time, its undescribable! Cant wait for other Maps!
- The Gameplay is good, its a bit unbalanced but its only a Beta. The Movement is really too fast, im running very fast as a Supporter with a fat ass machine gun. I really like that you can change the FOV on console now and customize every single option in the game. The Vehicles are very nice, the planes are on the Map not very useful and they are hard to control. Tanks are a bit overpowered, same as the Armored Train. The Weapon system is good with the ingame credit, but the class-ranks are bugging for me, im not leveling up in the classes. I like the weapons of the Medic, the snipers are really overpowered but im too bad at handling them tho, the scopes arent that good in my opinion, but its WW1, what do i expect :D
In general i can say the beta really makes me wanna buy the game and explore the other maps that will (hopefully) as amazing as im expecting, huge buildings that can be destroyed, hopefully a forest map!

Have you guys played the Beta? Whats ur opinion?
Let me Know!


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May 14, 2016
I play it, but the servers going down all the time is kinda not letting me enjoy it fully xD