Another Discord theme but but more simple


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Jan 29, 2019
I said i was gonna make a second one thats more simple

i think i kept it kinda simple if you decide to use it inform me of any visual bugs

to use the skin u will need Betterdiscord installed on your pc

no worries the memberslist is pulling in from the side when u hover with your mouse over a name

installation guide:

To use the theme install Betterdiscord.

after the installation is done open the discord settings scroll all the way down till u see themes!
In the themes window u will see the themes folder button click on it.

A separate window will be opened that's the themes folder.
in that folderu need to drag and drop the theme file(not the zip/rar file), then simply close the folder and go back to discord settings
you will see a theme in there simply activate it.


Update: due to some members having problems with the theme cause there was a plugin update that could not be redownloaded automatically i made the update myself and changes some minor things. lemme know if i need to change any further or if there is bugs


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