1. RogueWolf

    Solved MW3 Xlrstats and connection keep on resetting constantly

    Guys I want to ask all members of TsG members about a problem I am facing.After joining kS server today I saw that my connection got reset and Xlrstats also.It happened 3 times before.Is there any solution to fix this.Please reply to this thread or DM me on discord for solutions.Thanks in advance..
  2. KilluMinati

    Guide XLRstats

    I have found this, and would like to share with you! Ratio: The ratio is the number of kills devided by the number of deaths. So if you kill 10 players, and get shot 10 times, your ratio is 1. Hence, a ratio higher than 1 is a good thing (more kills than deaths), and a ratio between 0 and 1...