1. ~FeGo~

    How To Get an ANIMATED Profile Picture in discord (NO NITRO !)

    / / PATCHED ! The Method Will Not Work ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey everyone, :D I found a Tutorial about how you can get an animated profile picture on discord without nitro ! So i would like to share it with you :) 1- Go to this link and...
  2. X

    Guide [HOW TO] FIND AND UPLOAD DEMO [tool]

    Alright Gentlemen I am here to help you finding your RIGHT DEMO like a Boss. First: Accept me as your savior or this won't work for you :D. Alright let's go. 1- Download mw3demoinfor (it's not a virus,trust me I am an Engineer): http://www.mediafire.com/file/hv99ocj9bb5ak63/mw3demoinfo.exe or...