1. $KILLER

    TSG Weapon Skin Showcase

    Showcase single skins or complete collections. Skins must have something to do with TSG! Upload and discuss new skins here Useful links: Gamebanana Modding Forum: https://gamebanana.com/games/4603 Skin Making Tutorial: by TR4FFIX by OVisuals TSG Camo Discussion Thread...
  2. Bandit F|OX

    A formal thank you [TsG]

    Here a special thank to all of the mebers of TsG, like i said in my app that this community is very open and friendly to new guys, turns out i could not be more right all of you gave me great tips and support to make my app better and more appealing wich ended up in me getting accepted i love...
  3. johnnyboy78

    hi, im new here... :)

    hi everyone, Im john Im new here ,i play COD MW2 ,MW3 ,MW4 , and black ops 2 on ps3. This is my firts time i play on my pc and play only on the servers [KS] and anjoy it realy much. i am married and have 2 kids of my own..but i love COD realy ,but i want to be better in it . mayby i can learn...
  4. Dynamic

    Here i am

    My name is Marcel, i'm 18 years old and i'm living in germany. My hobbies are photography, graphic design, visual effects, motion graphic's and editing. I take pictures since i'm 14 then i started gfx and vfx with 16 (my biography from my webpage) if you want to watch...
  5. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] History of TsG - Part 1

    HISTORY OF KombatSyndicate/The Syndicate Gamers. It all start in around 2008, when me,jimmy,sammy,Wild1 & ash were in a clan called: ShadowForce. this clan was lead by Diablo & Half-Dead, the clan died in 2010 and after that the shadowforce clan split into two clans:KombatSyndicate &...
  6. hanidz

    balance suggestion

    1/// if we can't use EMP we should also don't face with pav low and air staff why EMP?? if u are going on streak and some one got pav low on wut u will do ? 1- face it and fire hoping didnt get u 2- stay low ( house's,inside..) 3- use ur bluendeye insted of slight hands!!! well i was user of...
  7. I

    Rematch Vs i7

    i7 want a rematch on Saturday. I spoke to Aleks and Zaid. Date - This Sat(6th August) Time - Same as last CW Everyone who was voted for the CW be ready @PANZER @neRo! @HatemME @Glada[T]or 7 @Perfectionist @Synyster Gates @WolfStine @KorsaKoff @KilluMinati Is everyone okay for this Saturday?
  8. S

    Denied Sem - Application

    Personal Info In-Game Name: Aldi Your Age: 16 Country: Netherlands [TsG] Info Which division are you wanting to be your primary division? Kombat Syndicate Which of our games do you actively play? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Why are you interested in joining...
  9. KorsaKoff

    Reintroducing myself

    Helloo Most people know me as KorsaKoff but feel free to call me Dave or Davey I live in Hoorn,The Netherlands(also known as WeedCountry) I am 22 years old and been here since the dinosaurs. But ive been away from a while to creating own clan and stuff but always stayed in contact with sammy...
  10. bubNN

    Reintroduction bubNN

    Hey, I'm going to create another introduction thread because I like creating them and of course it's always good to stay up to date of other people's lives. My name is Ruben. I'm born in The Netherlands and live just across the border in Germany now. I'm 20 years old. I work in a supermarket...
  11. iroNMAN77

    TsG Weapon Camos

    With the new tag and all I thought to make some new weapon camos,when I had some free time during the day :D Check it out and you are free to say whatever you want:p:D. https://www.mediafire.com/?ejjr6xgdkzghjf3 https://www.mediafire.com/?drotisvj6pv6rgg...
  12. OMGItsDarky

    me " Darky "

    Well, hello just call me darky if u want... ..friendship is a holy thing for me i love all my friends and respect them even if they bitched at me.. If u want to know my real name ask me ! I am freak about MUSIC and Video GAMES.. Dislikes: Rap, No internet, being ignored, LOOSING friends (it...
  13. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] [TsG] Division Setup List

    High Commanders @Jimmy @Sammy @WilD1 @KorsaKoff @PANZER @neRo! @Madvillain @Max Pain @Shadow.NL KombatSyndicate - nonimus - LeiTRoSaS - KilluMinati - Hary - Ahmad - Mac. - RaZoR6acK - [DMC]Vinh - GhoztArtz - FragsAreUs - HatemME - iroNMAN77 - R.i.P - Necroblood - Necrometal - Prophet -...