1. $KILLER

    TeknoMW3 new official website

    Hello everyone, Important news from TeknoMW3 Staff. We have separated our forum and website from original TeknoGods website to provide users better experience and keeping users up to date with the client news while providing support. We have made new forum for TeknoMW3 and Website which will...
  2. Ace Meta

    How am I host DLC maps in TEKNO MW3 :(

    Because of the downgrade needed in both Client and Server side of this version (Tekno MW3 I can't host any of other 15+ DLC maps i think that I have. Me and my friends are so enjoying MW3 LAN Party but when this update came I cant host any DLC maps at all. Please help guys. I am so envy...
  3. Aleksandar

    Best GamePlay

    hello guys, check my video at your server and my favourite tdm server HC DOME :)
  4. Mac.

    Guide How to install TeknoMW3

    How to install TeknoMW3 in 2022: Step 1. (Skip if you have Steam installed) Go to HERE and download and install Steam. Step 2. Once Steam is installed and running, install the game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3", if you have the game purchased. If you don't own the game, go to "Library" and...