1. Frosty

    kS on WarFace ?

    I was thinking for adding WarFace on our kombat syndicate its free on steam and a very optimized game. We can create our own clan(kS) so we can size our clan :) . We can fight other clans for 1st place,rewards,etc Its a pretty cool game and i would love to see kS on that game :) . Please be free...
  2. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] [TsG] Division Setup List

    High Commanders @Jimmy @Sammy @WilD1 @KorsaKoff @PANZER @neRo! @Madvillain @Max Pain @Shadow.NL KombatSyndicate - nonimus - LeiTRoSaS - KilluMinati - Hary - Ahmad - Mac. - RaZoR6acK - [DMC]Vinh - GhoztArtz - FragsAreUs - HatemME - iroNMAN77 - R.i.P - Necroblood - Necrometal - Prophet -...