1. LeftBehind

    Reintroduction LeftBehind

    Hey guys I'm LeftBehind, my real name is Dominik. I play games like GTA V, MW3, Witcher and Battlefield 4. I come from Germany. Outside kS i play Basketball and meet friends and my girlfriend ;). I playing games since 2006. I still playing games on my old big PS2 e.g. Need For Speed or Medal of...
  2. KorsaKoff

    Reintroducing myself

    Helloo Most people know me as KorsaKoff but feel free to call me Dave or Davey I live in Hoorn,The Netherlands(also known as WeedCountry) I am 22 years old and been here since the dinosaurs. But ive been away from a while to creating own clan and stuff but always stayed in contact with sammy...