1. LeftBehind

    Reintroduction LeftBehind

    Hey guys I'm LeftBehind, my real name is Dominik. I play games like GTA V, MW3, Witcher and Battlefield 4. I come from Germany. Outside kS i play Basketball and meet friends and my girlfriend ;). I playing games since 2006. I still playing games on my old big PS2 e.g. Need For Speed or Medal of...
  2. Perfectionist

    Kid-ding ReIntro :D

    Hello my lovely people, players and fellows, my real name is Adeel Javed! I'm currently in high school (9th grade) just started :p well i love kS servers and I'm happy that its getting bigger everyday! I'm proud of my clan so much! Now I'm a TsG guy :) I also love the rules here! The servers...
  3. KorsaKoff

    Reintroducing myself

    Helloo Most people know me as KorsaKoff but feel free to call me Dave or Davey I live in Hoorn,The Netherlands(also known as WeedCountry) I am 22 years old and been here since the dinosaurs. But ive been away from a while to creating own clan and stuff but always stayed in contact with sammy...