1. WatchMiltan

    Guide Fix for losing admin priviledges on servers

    **OUTDATED! WAS MEANT FOR TEKNO MW3** First of all, I would like to thank [TK]Benjah for helping me out! All credit goes to him, and those who helped him solve the problem (Hans Krebs from TeknoGods, RektInator, Kenshin13, Token, Squirellperson and all TeknoMW3 Developers). Losing...
  2. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] [TsG] Ranking & Division System

    Since we got this new ranking system i think it would be good to explain it So here we go. Admin: This is where most of the people start at. You are new and don't have alot permissions. In order to become an Master Admin you will have to show activity on forum and servers of the Division you...