1. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] New Recruitment Team Member

    Howdy wankers, The reason we didnt notify you earlier about this is because we were giving a week trail to @Synyster Gates wich he has passed. Congratz to our new Recruitment team member: synyster gates! make us proud broo <3
  2. Mac.

    [Official TsG] Happy New Year 2017!

    Hello everyone, on behalf of everyone I guess, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope that all of you may have a very fortunate, jolly and healthy 2017 and that you and your family will start the new year with joy and love :) Let this year be the year that we, The Syndicate...
  3. kevn

    In early

    We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, with Best Wishes for a 2017 full of new opportunities and best practice exchanges.
  4. Be[N]aB

    NEW PC

    Im going to build a new Pc soon. Ive already got the monitor, the case and the power supply. (BenQ monitor, G650M, MasterBox 5) Now i want to ask which PC of the lists is better, if i have to change something and if all would work perfect. It will be the first time im going to build a PC so im...
  5. johnnyboy78

    hi, im new here... :)

    hi everyone, Im john Im new here ,i play COD MW2 ,MW3 ,MW4 , and black ops 2 on ps3. This is my firts time i play on my pc and play only on the servers [KS] and anjoy it realy much. i am married and have 2 kids of my own..but i love COD realy ,but i want to be better in it . mayby i can learn...
  6. Z3nTuRu$

    New GPU-HD 7970

    Hey guys I finally got my new gpu and i just wanted to hear from you guys what I would not be able to play and what games you recommend me playing?? :D Thanks
  7. LeftBehind

    The New TITAN

    The new Titan come to Germany at 02.08.16. some information about the Titan: GP102-Chip 12 GB GDDR5X 28 Shader Cores (3584 ALUs) 1417 Mhz, Boost 1531 Mhz Price: about 1200 $ What do you think about the graphics card from Nvidia?
  8. Mac.

    Advice on buying a new laptop

    Hey guys, you might've read that my old laptop's screen died. I went to repair with it and they said that if I would let it get repaired, it would've cost me a minimum of €160,- (maybe even more) which I think is too much for a 2,5 year old laptop of €570,-. So I'm planning on buying a new one...