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  1. ~FeGo~

    Introducing myself :D

    Hello, This is my thread introduction I'm cool player and on the same time i'm simple person ! Playing mw3 for long time and being cool on it ! :D I have cows and fields so yea i'm farmer ! Playing football some times and sometimes go to gym and play football I love driving motors bike and...
  2. johnnyboy78

    hi, im new here... :)

    hi everyone, Im john Im new here ,i play COD MW2 ,MW3 ,MW4 , and black ops 2 on ps3. This is my firts time i play on my pc and play only on the servers [KS] and anjoy it realy much. i am married and have 2 kids of my own..but i love COD realy ,but i want to be better in it . mayby i can learn...
  3. Dynamic

    Here i am

    My name is Marcel, i'm 18 years old and i'm living in germany. My hobbies are photography, graphic design, visual effects, motion graphic's and editing. I take pictures since i'm 14 then i started gfx and vfx with 16 (my biography from my webpage) if you want to watch...