1. Perfectionist

    I can do this shitzz :D

    Yeah ... I can also do DOUBLE M.O.A.B.s ... yay ... Please enjoy the video :)
  2. TheOnlyObelix


    Okey xD played 1 game of some SC DOME and got a very fast double moab :p (3 min 40 sec) @KilluMinati this is really campy! Kappa :D The game audio was a bit loud, hope you guys still hear the music.
  3. LeiTRoSaS

    1st MOAB on Terminal

    hahah finally my MOAB on [kS] HC TERMINAL it was 4m for MOAB so i made clip in x2 speed for those curious here's demo :p https://mega.nz/#!rNcRHRaS!ZDaJSUiu89qk4aI5hzXpC_jn208JXXrWBfIQqYNRLPc this was my 9th moab. Where shall i place thee 10th? :D :D
  4. TheOnlyObelix


    Well today i got my first quad moab on kS servers! Enjoy! :) Btw i had to speed the video up by 0.4x so the video didnt get 16 min long or someting xD
  5. LeiTRoSaS

    1st MOAB in kS

    Finally :D