1. KorsaKoff

    [Official TsG] New Recruitment Team Member

    Howdy wankers, The reason we didnt notify you earlier about this is because we were giving a week trail to @Synyster Gates wich he has passed. Congratz to our new Recruitment team member: synyster gates! make us proud broo <3
  2. johnnyboy78

    hi, im new here... :)

    hi everyone, Im john Im new here ,i play COD MW2 ,MW3 ,MW4 , and black ops 2 on ps3. This is my firts time i play on my pc and play only on the servers [KS] and anjoy it realy much. i am married and have 2 kids of my own..but i love COD realy ,but i want to be better in it . mayby i can learn...
  3. Dynamic

    Here i am

    My name is Marcel, i'm 18 years old and i'm living in germany. My hobbies are photography, graphic design, visual effects, motion graphic's and editing. I take pictures since i'm 14 then i started gfx and vfx with 16 (my biography from my webpage) if you want to watch...
  4. Weeder

    Hey guys

    Hai I`m a member of Exiled Clan Came here bcs have some familiar guy here. I play COD many years and enjoy playing SND promod without nab guns. I hope we see each other on our SND server. You are all welcome Maybe i check in to your servers too. See you on sight :D
  5. X

    xReap Introduction

    hey Gentlemen my real name is Abdulrahman,I am 22 years old and I am a Civil Engineer.In my free times I read books and I do some exercises.In real life I am a hard worker and a kind person,but in video games I am your worst nightmare. here's my youtube channel link...
  6. Perfectionist

    Kid-ding ReIntro :D

    Hello my lovely people, players and fellows, my real name is Adeel Javed! I'm currently in high school (9th grade) just started :p well i love kS servers and I'm happy that its getting bigger everyday! I'm proud of my clan so much! Now I'm a TsG guy :) I also love the rules here! The servers...
  7. theclawss

    Well :(

    I hate to introduce myself haha but Im Ghozt >.<! im from Mexico and actually im finishing the high school, i play Modern Warfare 3 and this month im with League Of Legends :D! but welcome here and have fun :D .
  8. OMGItsDarky

    me " Darky "

    Well, hello just call me darky if u want... ..friendship is a holy thing for me i love all my friends and respect them even if they bitched at me.. If u want to know my real name ask me ! I am freak about MUSIC and Video GAMES.. Dislikes: Rap, No internet, being ignored, LOOSING friends (it...