1. WatchMiltan

    Guide Fix for losing admin priviledges on servers

    **OUTDATED! WAS MEANT FOR TEKNO MW3** First of all, I would like to thank [TK]Benjah for helping me out! All credit goes to him, and those who helped him solve the problem (Hans Krebs from TeknoGods, RektInator, Kenshin13, Token, Squirellperson and all TeknoMW3 Developers). Losing...
  2. Kratos

    Solved Constantly losing admin

    Everytime I connect to the game my game ID is changing, which causes me to lose the Admin status on the servers. I do not know how to change it and I will appreciate every single piece of help. I have no clue about the game and how the ID things work, would be great if some1 could help me. :)