1. hanidz

    balance suggestion

    1/// if we can't use EMP we should also don't face with pav low and air staff why EMP?? if u are going on streak and some one got pav low on wut u will do ? 1- face it and fire hoping didnt get u 2- stay low ( house's,inside..) 3- use ur bluendeye insted of slight hands!!! well i was user of...
  2. hanidz

    who wanna know me :D

    Hi :p my name is HANI HANSALI from algeria (north afriqua) i m 18 yrs , study university of Mechanical and technoligies second year, i'd like to joind thins familly , my favorite game are strategy and fps but i dont play mutch atm caz of study and work so i stay just in mw3 and 1 androide...
  3. W4RL10N

    Can you do this?