kombat syndicate

  1. neRo!

    [Official TsG] OUR GAME SERVERS

    Besides our TeknoMW3 servers, you can now also join our game servers on IW4x (MW2), PlutoIW5 (MW3) and PlutoT6 (BO2). We are looking forward to meet you ingame and hope you enjoy playing on our servers! Here is a list of all our current Game Servers: TeknoMW3 Servers: [kS] HC DOME [kS] SC...
  2. I

    Rematch Vs i7

    i7 want a rematch on Saturday. I spoke to Aleks and Zaid. Date - This Sat(6th August) Time - Same as last CW Everyone who was voted for the CW be ready @PANZER @neRo! @HatemME @Glada[T]or 7 @Perfectionist @Synyster Gates @WolfStine @KorsaKoff @KilluMinati Is everyone okay for this Saturday?
  3. Perfectionist

    Kid-ding ReIntro :D

    Hello my lovely people, players and fellows, my real name is Adeel Javed! I'm currently in high school (9th grade) just started :p well i love kS servers and I'm happy that its getting bigger everyday! I'm proud of my clan so much! Now I'm a TsG guy :) I also love the rules here! The servers...
  4. theclawss

    Well :(

    I hate to introduce myself haha but Im Ghozt >.<! im from Mexico and actually im finishing the high school, i play Modern Warfare 3 and this month im with League Of Legends :D! but welcome here and have fun :D .
  5. OMGItsDarky

    me " Darky "

    Well, hello just call me darky if u want... ..friendship is a holy thing for me i love all my friends and respect them even if they bitched at me.. If u want to know my real name ask me ! I am freak about MUSIC and Video GAMES.. Dislikes: Rap, No internet, being ignored, LOOSING friends (it...