1. ~FeGo~

    Denied Replace promod server with Isnipe?

    Hey peeps :D Was wondering if we can replace the promode server with iSnipe server, promod server has been empty for its launch and most members wish to have our iSnipe server, So what do you think :p ? Poll will close within 7 days. If you need anything with iSnipe server like dsr or...
  2. LeiTRoSaS

    [kS]SnD or [kS]iSnipe

    Heyy my dear Peepz :) Many questions remains ! What would be the best server? Which will be more populated? Which will be more competitive? Wich will be more fun? Which do i prefer? Which one would i like to see hosted by kS? Having the other that i like less chosen to be up, will i join the...