1. Arish

    It's-a me, Arish

    Hi everyone, I'm just an average teenager who plays games. I'm 16, from India, and I'm Muslim. I hope my ethnicity(ies) do(es)n't bother anyone in a bad way. Well basically, I'm just a normal person, following basic human etiquette. You be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. My hobbies apart from...
  2. Chan

    TheChanChan man here

    Hellow everyone my name is Shaheer Ahmad and im from Pakistan. Im 22, Computer science student, i will graduate within 2 months IA. in-game name: TheChanChan man , al chan , shaheer61 About gaming, i started playing mw3 back in june 2016. Joined OZ clan , got interested in promod joined HH...
  3. MindFxck

    You know the drill..

    As requested, I will introduce myself. My name is Stefan, I live in a small town in Republica Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, called Brod. I'm 19 y\o I dont really know what to write so I'll just go ahead and throw sh*t on here. So, my kind of fun must involve alcohol and heavy drugs. I dont...
  4. Mr.BullDog

    The introduce of Mr.BullDog

    First off, I was born in the middle of Thailand 11 of june 2001 and moved to Australia in 2013 with my sister, cousin and my mother as she married with person which make him my step father :D When i was thirty year old my father was shot and died it was a very tough life for me then it take me...
  5. EvoK

    Introduction by "EvoK"

    Hi everyone, I'm not the best in English but I try to do my best to introduce myself. So, I'm a 17 years old French guy who play COD since mw3. I have made my begin on XBOX360 and then I'm going on PC because XBOX community was... (you know what i meen) ;) and I think it's a nice challenge for a...
  6. V

    hello there

    good morning/afternoon/evening :p just wanna say hi to every1 here :rolleyes:
  7. eclipse4

    hello from eclipse

    hello ppl,its me again :) eclipse aka [kS]SRB*ECLIPSE (Sasha) 36 y.o from Serbia cod4 best player in the world :)
  8. <V>

    <V>'s Introduction

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum so I was told to give an introduction. I'm 21 years old I live in New Delhi, India I've just completed my graduation and restarted gaming. I play lots of games, primarily Modern Warfare 3 and Dota 2 Hobbies- Photography, Knife Throwing, Gaming and swimming I'm an...
  9. T


    Hi everyone, I have no so many inspiration but i try to be my best to introduce myself. So, i'm a french guy of 17 (yeah i know i have put 27 on my profile it's an habit ...) who play COD since mw3. I have made my begin on PS3 and then i'm going on PC because there are so many DEX and i think...
  10. S

    Hello. How are you guys doing? (SilentX)

    IN-REAL LIFE Hello my name is Sachin, I'm 16 years old my birthday have passed in was on the 26th of April. I live in a small country located in the Caribbean, the name of my country is Trinidad and Tobago not sure if anyone has heard of it quite small. I am interested in being an...
  11. samantha


    Hello my name is Rias gremory this name is more of a joke i was supost to name it Ze Doctor but i used my smurf account and i have mw3 on it and then mw3 dident want to work like normal so i found tecno and i found this server afther ag went down but yeah am turing 20 so am saying am 20 am from...
  12. D

    Introduction by "IDontKnow"

    My real Name is Justin, living in Germany and I'm almost 18. (some month still left) I still go to School for at least 1 year (doing some Business studies.) My Hobbies are playing Billard and gaming, also going out with friends and do something like playing Football. I really like to Play games...
  13. Crossy


    My name is Crossy. I am Bulgarian I have been a cod fanboy since 2013 and started playing mw3 in 2014. I dont have hobbies exept playing games. The first cod i played was mw2 on my friends's ps3. Ever since then I watched montages and wanted to hit feeds. Though cod is my main game i have played...
  14. Kratos

    Hey there Mates

    It´s me Mister Meeseeks! Just Kidding it´s me Kratos, alias Hansa Rostock. I was told to introduce me, as my name is already acknowledging, I am a football fan of the club Hansa Rostock. I am a fulltime supporter of the club in the stadion and on the streets. Furthermore I also go to awaydays...
  15. xThePain


    My name is Bruno, 25 years old, (almost 26) and i'm from Portugal, Lisbon. So where do I start..? Well, I start playing MW3 in 2012/2013 and was funny for a coople times but then I got tired of the game, dont know why, just tired. I start playing MW2(4D1) and just forgot MW3 for good but for my...
  16. Hærtnys

    Hello , Introduction "TheRealKaneki"

    I don't know how to introduce myself but I will try to do my best :) I am sorry if he has a lot of fault I am really not accustomed has presented me as much especially in English :( IRL: So, my name is Arnaud, I'm 17, soon 18 (1 month) yes! Soon major! (Hey hey so let's say I finally count...
  17. Optic Weedshot


    Hello, just a 18-year-old boy from Finland with normal boring life playing games and hanging out w/friends. Im a massive game enthusiast. I started playing video games when I was just 3 to 4 years old. When I really got into gaming was when my dad bought me a pc and I bought Cod 4 on it.. since...
  18. Màz

    Hello, it s me :)

    So i introuduce myself , my real name is Amazigh :D , im from algeria and im 24 years old... im actually Studying on the university , im studying Marketing :) ... im really passionated about game developing, ik this is not an impossible thing but it s too hard to make it :3 and im trying to go...
  19. Insanity

    Hello :)

    Hello guys, my name is Alex, I'm 17 years old and I'm located in Greece. My in-game name is Insanity, I've been playing mw3 for a total of about 3 years. I used to love sniping and I was actually in a sniping clan called toxic. Back then, there used to be many sniping clans (PHX, SinX etc) but...
  20. ImADolphin


    Hello my names Eric(irl) and im looking for some people to play with and i will be trying to contribute as much as i can to the community. I play CSGO(rank: supreme), rss(unranked-name: Im4D0lph1n), MW3(teknogods- name: ImADolphin), HOI4, PS2, Warhammer 40k, Garry´s mod and Insurgency.