1. RogueWolf

    Solved How to Create Discord Server?

    Hi me and some of my school friends want to create discord server.We know how to do so but We want to add specific ranks and Bots.So,i want to know how to do so and also how to customize discord server.Any help will be Appreciated... [kS]Timotel
  2. X

    Solved FROSTY KICKED ME FOR CAMPIN? this fool admin kicked me for campin when I wasn't campin he just spawned on front of me and I killed him.
  3. KorsaKoff

    Need help guys!

    Hello, i need some help.... ive used the mw3 unlocker to unlock all weapons and stuff but as u can see its all black... i am currently rank 80 prestige 10 as u can see here: what to do now?
  4. neRo!


    General Notes: • Feel free to create a thread in the 'Help' section if you are facing software / hardware problems, or need help in other questions. • You need to tell us the name which you were using on our servers if you think that your issue is related to playing on our servers. On this way...
  5. Perfectionist

    [TuT] How to change your TeknoMW3 Background picture?

    Hey Guys, I'm here with this tutorial on How to change TeknoMW3 Background picture! All you gotta do is follow the instructions below! ;) 1. Download this file! » MW3 Background Changer « 2. Now, after the file has been downloaded, Open it up and click on easy_background_changer_mw3.exe...