1. Perfectionist

    Hello friends!

    Yoo guys... what's up everyone!! :) :) hope some of you still remember me! Just came to say hello and how's everyone doing! :) :) Well! I'm doing good in my life... almost had end my exams before someone leaked the question paper resulting in re-exam of all on a new date! :3 Well... these days...
  2. iProxy

    Hello Everyone

    Hello guys. Its me :) Sorry for been inactive for that long time. Its been a busy life. And i am not gonna lie, ever since this community became really big, i couldnt keep up with the new content, new threads, all the spams in every thread.. u know what i mean. Anyways. A lot of time had past...
  3. THCWeedee

    Hello! :)

    Yo,what's up boys,my name is Asen from Bulgaria.I am 16 years old currently in middle school (duh) but home-schooled through a program that my school.I choose that variant because school is stressful these days especially with today-kids their acting,mentality and manners.I listen to music quite...