1. WatchMiltan

    A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only...

    @WilD1 !! Without your dedication and service towards this community, this would all not be possible. In the name of [TsG], I would like to thank you for that and wish you a wonderful and happy birthday! :)
  2. Perfectionist

    Happy Birthday...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @DarkVorteX and @Khaled ... HOPE YOU GUYS have a GREAT DAY ;) -Perfectionist
  3. KilluMinati

    Happy Birthday Max

    Happy Birthday @Max Pain :D
  4. KilluMinati

    Happy Birthday...

    Have a good one @Shadow.NL and @WarzFreak
  5. KilluMinati

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you @SWeeTKillER have a nice day!
  6. VXLT

    Happy birthday james

    Happy B'Day @Jimmy hope u have a great life
  7. Uzora

    Happy Birthday Friend!

    Today is the day! Happy Birthday To You! @RespectModdz May you have many more! Our best wishes are with you!
  8. Mac.

    [Official TsG] Happy New Year 2017!

    Hello everyone, on behalf of everyone I guess, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope that all of you may have a very fortunate, jolly and healthy 2017 and that you and your family will start the new year with joy and love :) Let this year be the year that we, The Syndicate...
  9. kevn

    In early

    We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, with Best Wishes for a 2017 full of new opportunities and best practice exchanges.
  10. Frosty

    Happy b'day

    Happy birthday @iroNMAN77 have a nice day bro
  11. Perfectionist

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday @Necrometal, hope you are having a Wonderful time! Keep enjoying!