1. CntrlAltDel

    Game Review & Screenshot Thread

    INTRODUCTION So because of the clan's affiliation with gaming I thought it would be a great idea to have a thread dedicated to member's personal opinions about games they've played. Whether it be modern titles or old titles, console titles or PC titles, it doesn't matter. If you have an...
  2. $KILLER

    Guide [MW3] A better use of sound - A guide for tryhards

    Basically this guide will show you how to tweak your config to hear the important sounds better and to concentrate on the gameplay. Before beginning with this guide, make sure that your MW3 is closed. Step 1 - Mute your ingame music If you really want to tryhard you should eliminate the ingame...
  3. Jexoh

    Gaming PC (need your opinion)

    In 1 or 2 weeks im gonna order a new pc, this one is so shitty that i barely can run mw3 in minimum settings. I've configurated a pc for a nice price (in my opinion) Specs processor/type Intel Core i5 6500 (quad-core, 6e generation Skylake) socket 1151 Processor speed 4 x 3.2 GHZ RAM...
  4. KilluMinati

    Gaming Questions

    I see many people have questions about tactics and the usage of Killstreaks. And also general questions about the Game. Here maybe you will find help.
  5. God

    Gaming laptop

    Hi guys, I want to buy a Gaming Laptop but i think that i need some advice. Could you please help me ? ps: I'm not rich xD
  6. KilluMinati

    Gaming Style

    Just tell here which Gaming Style you like, or you don't like! And what Gaming Style you have! For Example: I like the Style of @WilD1 ... Why? I hate the Style of @KillEmil ... Why?
  7. Hary

    E3 2016

    I'm sure everybody is aware of the E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016) In which new games are revealed and discussed. This year's E3 is gonna be Interesting with the Watch Dogs 2 Reveal and the Dishonored 2 gameplay reveal. This thread will be Updated with each of the (new) game's reveal...
  8. Bio-Hazard

    Royal Clash

    I was not able to create threads on gaming section so i decided to create this thread here... So anyone play this game??? what do you think about it?? what is your level, deck, clan......?? As for me i like this game a lot i think it's one of the best smartphones game ever level : 8 Clan ...