1. Perfectionist

    Hello friends!

    Yoo guys... what's up everyone!! :) :) hope some of you still remember me! Just came to say hello and how's everyone doing! :) :) Well! I'm doing good in my life... almost had end my exams before someone leaked the question paper resulting in re-exam of all on a new date! :3 Well... these days...
  2. bubNN

    Becoming allies

    Hello. I have been asking this to @neRo! in private but he told me it would be for the best to ask @WilD1 regarding this matter. However I think this might be for the best to be discussed in public so here I am with a question. As most of you probably know I've been a friend of The Syndicate...
  3. I

    Rematch Vs i7

    i7 want a rematch on Saturday. I spoke to Aleks and Zaid. Date - This Sat(6th August) Time - Same as last CW Everyone who was voted for the CW be ready @PANZER @neRo! @HatemME @Glada[T]or 7 @Perfectionist @Synyster Gates @WolfStine @KorsaKoff @KilluMinati Is everyone okay for this Saturday?