1. N

    hi, u asked for my demo

    I'm TsK||NaTeZ here's the demo:
  2. X

    Guide [HOW TO] FIND AND UPLOAD DEMO [tool]

    Alright Gentlemen I am here to help you finding your RIGHT DEMO like a Boss. First: Accept me as your savior or this won't work for you :D. Alright let's go. 1- Download mw3demoinfor (it's not a virus,trust me I am an Engineer): or...
  3. CntrlAltDel

    Guide [MW3] Video Tutorial: Sharing Demo Files

    I've recently noticed an influx of players not sharing demo files with their requests. A demo file is a fundamental in proving a point said player is trying to make. Here's a short tutorial I made on how to simply locate and upload demo files to two of the most commonly used cloud storage...
  4. LeiTRoSaS

    Guide [HOW TO] take Demo and Screnshot (CoDMW3)

    Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to take the demos and screenshots of your previous games of CoD TeknoMW3. If you get Banned and you're filling out >THIS FORM< for un Unban Request, it's required that you share your evidences. By uploading your demo of your last game played on our...