1. RespectModdz

    I guess I'm back :D

    Yo guys, hope some of you remember me :D Sorry for beeing inactive for such a long time. Since my parents flew to Thailand for 3 weeks, I had to go to my grandma's :/ I hadn't got Internet etc. Also I totally forgot about TSG at that time, because of Christmas, Birthday, New Year... I got...
  2. I

    Officially back dudes

    As the title said i'm pretty much back, gotta get back into the swing of moab'ing people every game xD p.s im back permanently:)
  3. SWeeTKillER

    SWeeTKillER is back!! :D

    Heyyy everyone!! :D how r u guys doing? :D I'm back guys! :D finally got my internet connection :D Stay awesome! :)