1. Kratos

    Solved Constantly losing admin

    Everytime I connect to the game my game ID is changing, which causes me to lose the Admin status on the servers. I do not know how to change it and I will appreciate every single piece of help. I have no clue about the game and how the ID things work, would be great if some1 could help me. :)
  2. killingMachine

    Kindly watch Admin activity kicking people without reason watch DEMO n DECIDE my self Killing Machine , In game i was play with KMC name., in End of the game, it was spawn trap n i was firing, n Synster said frosty to kick . n he kicked without spec me, was it fair.. SEE...
  3. Perfectionist

    Kid-ding ReIntro :D

    Hello my lovely people, players and fellows, my real name is Adeel Javed! I'm currently in high school (9th grade) just started :p well i love kS servers and I'm happy that its getting bigger everyday! I'm proud of my clan so much! Now I'm a TsG guy :) I also love the rules here! The servers...