1. MoFo @ MoFo:
    anyone else problems with connecting to discord?
  2. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
    nah works fine for me
  3. PaiiN-iwnl @ PaiiN-iwnl:
  4. Chan @ Chan:
    Hatem hax ban him
  5. Chan @ Chan:
  6. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
    Wut 🤔😬
  7. igapar @ igapar:
  8. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
  9. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
  10. MoFo @ MoFo:
    forum is back
  11. MoFo @ MoFo:
    ye ye
  12. MoFo @ MoFo:
    ye ye
  13. WatchMiltan @ WatchMiltan:
  14. Be[N]aB @ Be[N]aB:
    sup boys and girls... Im so gayyyyyyyyyy....
  15. KilluMinati @ KilluMinati:
    Halli hallo...du Peniskopf!
  16. KilluMinati @ KilluMinati:
    Benep m8...whats wrong with you.......
  17. neRo! @ neRo!:
    @Be[N]aB we already know that
  18. MoFo @ MoFo:
    who tf is @Be[N]aB
  19. Be[N]aB @ Be[N]aB:
    @MoFo I already asked myself... still dont know
  20. KilluMinati @ KilluMinati:
    He is a DickHead fri Deutschland xd
  21. neRo! @ neRo!:
    @Be[N]aB Get your ass in Discord once in a while, been a while I heard your voice :D
  22. neRo! @ neRo!:
    I hope you aren't Fortnite addicted anymore
  23. Chan @ Chan:
  24. KillEmil @ KillEmil:
  25. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
  26. xoity @ xoity:
    wus up bois
  27. Funk @ Funk:
  28. WilD1 @ WilD1:
    Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin' some b ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mon scared And said you're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air :D
  29. Hat'EM @ Hat'EM:
    damn u naughty boi xd sad to hear that mate but remember stay cool don't get into fights, i had a lot of fights too but it caused me alot of troubles
  30. WilD1 @ WilD1:
    lol it's off the fresh prince of bel air m8 :D