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Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by RUSH | Ghost, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Nov 4, 2018
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    Your In-Game Name: RUSH | Ghost

    On which Game and Server you were banned? one of the tdm servers, i think it was terminal (mw3)

    Name of Admin who banned you: -

    Explain the reason why you got banned: idk, got banned without specific reason (i think)

    sorry that i dont have alot of information :/

    Explain why do you think that you should be unbanned: Tbh i dont know why i was banned in the first place

    Provide a download link for the demo of your last match played on our servers and a screenshot of the ban message: cant find the match, got banned 6 months ago, ban message just says: oops, perm banned
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    This name isn't registered in our Database. Did you use any other names?
    Maybe @neRo! can find something
    Why did you wait 6 months in the first place?
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    There was a talk with him on discord in the public-chat.
    His name was "TGD", @ID 88596. Banned for wh, if you go back to the origin of the ban, he was banned by @LeiTRoSaS like 3 months ago for wh under the name "Eraclion".
    He was asked if he used certain names like "TGD", "Yeet Ekitet" and "Eraclion" and he refused it. It was already evident that he used the two first names, but later when I faced him with his lies, he claimed that his brother used the name "TGD" on another PC and got banned, but it's the PC he was using. When he realized that he doesn't succeed with lies, he admitted that he used all the names. So it seems like he needed to lie to hide something.
    He could've come directly after getting banned, but he came 3 months later with lies..

    @LeiTRoSaS Since he was banned by you, I will leave it up to you : *
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