The Endless Two Line Cypher

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    You see the one thing about me is
    When you put me in the ring
    I fight better when I'm against my own adversities It's
    - "You not good enough",
    "You not gonna make it"
    That's what the voice in my head keep sayin'
    Till I get up, wipe the blood of my face then,
    Whip the soul outta the body of the opponent that I'm facin'

    It's me against me,
    So please keep your opinions to yourself
    'Cause I couldn't give a fvck about what anyone else is thinkin'
    And you can hold me to it,
    'Cause I'll only lose it
    When you critique me
    You must be dreaming,
    So it may look true to you only 'cause it's lucid

    I don't try to be better than anyone else
    Just my opponent which is myself
    So I accel in the ring against my own doubts
    And I have no doubts that I'll win
    Every battle that I'm in
    I've come back from worse
    Bloodshed from wars,
    And I'll keep comin' back for more
    With the look on my face showin' a complete lack of remorse

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