South Korea severely punishes boosters.

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  1. Dreqzh

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    Hey, i recently found this article on IGN about the South Korean Government about the topic: Boosting.

    Im sure you guys know what boosting is, if not. Boosting is an act where you pay a boosting service, and a highly skilled player plays on your account, for example to get you a higher rank in competitive play or a higher level on Call of Duty. This also makes it really difficult and unfair for lower rank players to improve if you play against a booster.

    It's against the rules and you will get permanently banned immediately if you get caught. A lot of popular multiplayer games have been suffering from these specialized boosting services without finding a proper way to resolve the issue. But South Korea on the other hand takes it on another level and tracks the player down and charges him with a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of up to $18.000

    What do you guys think about this kind of punishment? Should it be applied in other countries/regions as well?
    In my opinion, the punishment is a bit too harsh :p

    Let me know!

    (Read more, IGN Article: )
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  2. Sc4reCr0w

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    Actually is a good topic, I personally hate that stuff 'cause wher you are on a high level there are boosters who riun the game and can make you lose your games. Korea took the initiation because videogames are part of their internal brute product, that's why for instance to have a League of Legends account you must have a korean ID card and you can only have maximum 2 accounts. In countries like mine that's not important because here there are few players known internationally and having competitions with a lot of money involved.

    Some rules must be placed but considerin the geographic localization.
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  3. Chan

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    I never thought people would spend money to get that kind of services until i faced that kind of people.
    i play r6 and some people actually pay either hackers or higher rank peoples to money to carry them to higher ranks.
    now if hacks are detected , whole lobby gets banned not just one player. so thats a good step by ubisoft.
    but that korean govt took it to next level. Tbh its little strick.
    you can do this only if the player get reward like winning a competition or something. not for casual games.
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  4. Mac.

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    The thing where you pay others to play on your account, just so you can get a higher level in a quicker and easier way, is something that sounds really familiar.

    Namely: Pay To Win.
    Like 70% of the games these days are Pay To Win. It's just a little different scenario, but the concept is the same.
    So what are they gonna do, ban that too?

    To answe the poll question: does using a bot on Runescape also count as boosting?
    Because then I have, huehuehue :D
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  5. W4RL10N

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    May 14, 2016
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    2 Year sentence for playing a game better than other people...
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