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    Hello there guys,
    I am currently experience the depth of Realm Grinder, I started that game 2 weeks ago (it is for free). As the title suggests, it is an Idle Game. Well Realm Grinder is not like that, for me atleast, you have always something to do. This game is huge, way greater than any other Idle Game I have experienced so far. Sadly there is no interaction between players, so you would just play it by yourself. I wanted to recommend it for you, if you are interested in games like that, or are bored of mw3 all day! :p
    I can give you some tips for the beginning. You will most likely get hooked to that game, if spend 90hours in it so far... And you get 100% in your steam library if you want the achievments, they are easy to get! :p
    If you are interested let me know, I will increase this thread :D
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