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    As some of you already noticed, a new client called TeknoBlackOps was released.
    It's currently in beta yet, but the development is in process.


    Latest updates will be always found here:

    TeknoBlackOps installation:
    • Install the game Call of Duty Black Ops (Skidrow and nosTEAM repacks will NOT work)
    • Download the TeknoBlackOps client files from >HERE< and extract them into your Black Ops game folder
    • Start the TeknoBlackOps.exe and wait until it finishes downloading and installing the latest client files
    • After the download and installation is completed, start the TeknoBlackOps.exe again, set your name and click "Play online"

    Feel free to join our game servers on TeknoBlackOps:
    • [kS] HC NUKETOWN
    • [kS] HC TDM

    • I recommend to use the english version of the game. Just saying because I had problems with the german version.
    • If you want to get more than 60 FPS, make sure to disable "Sync Every Frame" in the graphic settings, then open the game console and enter "/com_maxfps" to change your max FPS. For example enter "/com_maxfps 125".
    • To set your clan tag, start TeknoBlackOps, then go to "Operations" -> "Playercard" -> "Clan Tag".

    If you face issues or have any questions regarding TeknoBlackOps, check this thread:
    Or join the TeknoMW3 Discord (you will also get support for TeknoBlackOps there)
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