How to disable Spectre Meltdown Protection

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    As most of you might or might not have heard, the spectre update was forced through windows and I've seen many people with high end hardware complaining of FPS drop from their average FPS. If you're interested to fix the spectre issue and disable it, use this tool as it's recommended by most of the users. It may or may not increase performance depending on your hardware. But if you're feeling uncomfortable having spectre protection on, use this tool as it gives a result of how the performance is etc

    Here's the link

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    Great addition to the IT News sub-forum. Didn't even know this tool could exist.

    Spectre has definitely been a pain in the ass since its release, more so on the higher end platforms. I know FPS at times is totally unaffected or lightly affected since resource hand-off is to the GPU in cases where FPS is applicable most of the time. However CPU benchies tell a different story at times.

    In the video Jay demonstrates Spectre having no effect whatsoever on his benchies but other benchies on different platforms show a noticeable performance degradation CPU side not so much GPU side which should preserve FPS in theory granted the degradation is not to the point of the CPU becoming the bottleneck.

    In the chart below you can see the effects of the earlier revision of the Spectre patch applied to a 7th Gen i7 Intel NUC with observable deltas in performance.


    So if you feel the performance loss outweighs the need for the security then by all means disable your Spectre patch
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